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  • Appetite suppression to help control diet
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LIPOGENIX ELITE helps you lose fat and get shredded with ease with a formula that is designed to safely target the problem areas in your body. Maximize your weight loss progress with a formula that helps you improve energy and focus while burning fat! Exponentially increase the output of your workouts with LipoGenix Elite!


Do you find it difficult to lose weight through diet?

Are you feeling tired during workouts?

Do you find it difficult to fit exercise in your busy schedule?

Do you easily gain weight after a weekend off the gym?

Do you consistently get heavier as you get older?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then LIPOGENIX ELITE is the perfect fat burning solution for you!


MAXIMUM weight loss, MINIMUM effort – that’s what LipoGenix Elite is all about. LipoGenix Elite brings you the first cutting-edge weight loss formula with GUARANTEED results! Weight loss has never been this easy. The power-packed LipoGenix Elite capsule puts your body into a hyper-shred transformation mode through



LipoGenix Elite sends your metabolism into OVERDRIVE with a thermogenic blend that rapidly speeds up your core temperature in order to burn more calories. The thermogenic effects of LipoGenix Elite triggers a chain reaction that allows you to burn excess calories faster, as your body converts fat cells into energy. Thermogenesis also allows you to exponentially increase the amount of calories burned when you do cardio exercise. With the help of LipoGenix Elite, you lose weight while training, or even during rest!


LipoGenix Elite puts your stored energy into good use as fat gets converted into energy, which your body utilizes to power through your cardio workouts. The additional energy boost not only provides extra endurance and strength to your muscles; it also helps you power through your daily tasks while at rest. LipoGenix Elite helps you achieve weight loss with different, synergistic approaches to help you lose fat FAST.


One of the most common reasons why individuals fail to lose weight is the lack of focus and willpower. The rapid reduction of a person’s caloric intake could lead to mood changes, LipoGenix Elite contains nootropic compounds that allow users to focus on achieving their goals during training, while improving their mood on a daily basis.


The concept of LIPOGENIX ELITE is to provide users with a three-pronged approach to weight loss. This is to ensure that the user experiences the most amount of lost weight during the course of supplementation. LIPOGENIX ELITE does not only focus on the metabolism aspect of the supplementation; it also involves increased physical activities, which help maximize the amount of fat burned at any given time.

The idea is to help transition the body from the ‘storage mode’ to an intense fat burning mode to help reduce the buildup of fat. The body naturally accumulates fat as a part of our evolutionary nature to help prepare the body for long stretches of time when food is supposed to be scarce. However, the modern era hardly experiences any shortage of food, and this leads to weight gain for many people. To help alleviate this situation, LIPOGENIX ELITE helps burn off the excess intake of calories through the use of thermogenics. The use of Thermogenics force the body to turn to its reserves, which are made up of fat cells, to fuel the growing energy expenditure of the body. This rapid energy utility helps reduce the body fat, which leads to a better physique.

The thermogenic effect is followed up by an energy boost from the body’s metabolized fat, to help energize the workouts of the user. The ‘focus’ element of LIPOGENIX ELITE also kicks in. Not only does the formula energize the user; it also helps the user maintain focus throughout their workouts. This doubles the utility of LIPOGENIX ELITE from being a fat burner, to a pre-workout supplement.


LipoGenix Elite is created with ingredients derived from 100% natural sources to give you the SAFEST, most EFFECTIVE formula for weight loss. Here are the ingredients that make up the best weight loss formula:


Caffeine anhydrous is a concentrated form of caffeine that enables users to stay energized and focused during workouts. Caffeine is a mild stimulant, yet its effect on weight loss is anything but mild. Caffeine kickstarts lipolysis and puts your metabolism into overdrive through thermogenesis. The weight loss effects of caffeine is further enhanced by ingredients such as synephrine, L-Arginine, and Nettle Root.


Synephrine greatly increases the thermogenic capacity of caffeine. Together, caffeine and synephrine rapidly increases metabolism through thermogenesis and lipolysis. Synephrine caprylate is the major component that creates a safer, more effective version of the ECA (Ephedrine, Caffeine, Aspirin) stack to the Synephrine-Caffeine-L-Arginine stack.


Glucuronolactone is an additive energy enhancer in the LipoGenix Elite formula. Glucuronolactone provides an enhanced state of alertness, Glucuronolactone works hand in hand with Caffeine to provide the user with an enhanced alertness and energy to power through workouts.


Phenylethylamine HCL is the primary nootropic compound in LipoGenix Elite. Phenylethylamine HCL provides better focus, and it makes the user feel positive during workouts. By having a focus/mood nootropic in the formula, LipoGenix Elite can double as a pre-workout supplement to help users perform better during workouts.

Nettle Root

Nettle Root is a vasodilator that allows more blood to flow through the blood vessels. Improved circulation not only enhances the delivery of nutrients; it also allows a much faster transport of waste products that hinder a healthy blood flow.

Yohimbe Extract

Yohimbe is a powerful blood-flow enhancer that works by increasing your body's own thermogenic fat-burning properties. It works by delivering a significant volume of nutrients directly to your endocrine system to release fat-cell burning endorphins


The weight loss supplement market is has one of the most diverse supplement selections you will ever encounter. It is common knowledge that there are more than just one way to lose weight, but there are only a handful of formulas that are able to make it happen. There are other supplements in the market with guaranteed results, but with an impractical approach to weight loss. Throughout the years, thousands of products have been developed in hopes of making weight loss FAST, EASY, and EFFECTIVE. The creators of LipoGenix Elite have taken into account the success and failure of products that tried to make weight loss practical for its users, and now, LipoGenix Elite’s fast-acting formula is within your reach.

LipoGenix Elite vs Cleansing Supplements

Cleansing supplements help users lose fat by flushing out fat before it hits the bloodstream. While this method is effective, it leaves the user uncomfortable due to the increased bowel movement throughout the day. LipoGenix Elite helps reduce fat by utilizing fat as energy, and it leaves the user more energized and focused without any hint of discomfort.

LipoGenix Elite vs Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants reduce hunger pangs to help users control their diet. While appetite suppressants help manage the diet, the weight loss progress is extremely slow as fat is only burned at the usual metabolic rate. LipoGenix Elite speeds up metabolism and kickstarts lipolysis as it burns fat and converts fat into energy simultaneously to produce FAST and EASY weight loss results.